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WELCOME! We are a FREE comparison shopping site for the most common non-controlled prescription drugs. On this site you’ll find several online pharmacies that have proven outstanding customer service, always assuring only the best quality of brand and generic medicines.

We would like to make it extremely clear to all our visitors that we do not sell, prescribe nor process any prescription drug and for every medicine, a prescription is required. In the case you can’t afford to visit your doctor for an Rx the online pharmacies listed have in-house physicians, licensed in their own jurisdictions, which will provide telehealth services free of charge. The internet prescription service begins with a basic medical questionnaire, depending on the medicine ordered and the conditions stated, the companies’ doctors will contact your primary physician and/or you directly for additional information.

Since the importation of prescription drugs is not permitted in the United States of America, we have decided to only list US-based stores strictly offering FDA-approved brand and generic drugs shipped from US pharmacies.

For every product you’ll clearly see who is the seller together with their shipping options, customer support toll-free number, and basic medical information, while we strive to assure that our content is accurate, use it for general porpoise only, it shouldn’t replace your personal doctor guidance. For your own safety have a complete physical exam and consult directly with your physician before starting and/or continuing any medical treatment. Prescription drugs have side effects that could harm your health and even be fatal in some cases.

While Tele-Health and/or the practice of providing a prescription through teleconsultation is widely promoted as an effective medical service to save money and time for patients, in some U.S. States it may not be approved. Please verify with your local authorities and your State Medical Board if you can purchase prescription drugs from the advertising online pharmacies.

Online Pharmacy makes ordering generic and original medicines online easy and simple. The help system is a very useful additional service. Agree, a great opportunity is to receive information from practicing pharmacists absolutely free of charge and at any time. It is important to note that the night service operates without interruption. For each drug sold, there are necessary documents and certificates. An online pharmacy, just like a regular pharmacy, employs qualified pharmacists to meet all your needs and the health of patients is their top priority.

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Benefits of a Canadian Online Pharmacy

We offer you to choose high-quality drugs online. Excellent service at affordable prices has made the Canadian pharmacy so popular. What distinguishes a Canadian pharmacy from its competitors and how does it attract thousands of customers around the world?

  • a wide range of drugs and low prices;
  • anonymous and fast delivery;
  • excellent customer service and loyalty programs.

Canadian health system

Canada is one of the countries with the highest standard of living and welfare. Despite the vast territory, the population of the country is small and amounts to about 40 million people. A favorable economic climate, ecology, beautiful nature, a high standard of living, and an active immigration policy contribute to the fact that many foreigners settle here for permanent residence.

The Canadian public health system is a single health insurance plan called Medicare. Unlike the US, where almost a third of the population has no health insurance, all Canadians can count on free health care. In addition to the national health insurance system, the country’s provinces and provinces also provide free health care to the most vulnerable groups in the population – children, the elderly, and the unemployed. This package often includes free medicines. In addition to wages, the compensation package also includes additional health insurance that covers a significant portion of the cost of medicines. As a rule, about 90% of the population of the country is covered by some form of drug insurance, and only 10% of the inhabitants do not include health insurance in these costs. 11% of the population with drug insurance receive full reimbursement of the cost of drugs, and 79% receive drugs almost free of charge (paying only a small fee). Only 10% of health insurance covers only part of the cost of medicines – this category of the population is obliged to pay 35% or more of their cost.

In general, the drug sales system in Canada is almost identical to the American one, but prices in Canada are much lower than in American pharmacies. The majority of Canadian pharmacists (80%) work in retail pharmacies. About 15% of pharmacists work in hospital pharmacies, and the rest work in pharmacological associations, companies, or consulting firms. Requirements for professionals working in pharmacies are different in different provinces. As a rule, to practice as a pharmacist, you must have a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from a Canadian university, complete an internship or work as an intern directly in a pharmacy, and then pass the national licensing exam. The training program is designed for 4 years, after which students undergo a year of practice in a pharmacy.

Canada has approved the format of the national drug classification. According to this format, all medicines sold in pharmacies are divided into 3 groups:

  • prescription drugs;
  • drugs that can be purchased on the recommendation of a pharmacist, without the possibility of consumer choice;
  • over-the-counter drugs that the patient can choose without consulting a pharmacist.

Ordering medicines online

Some medicines are now available from self-service stores, but a wider range of medicines are available from pharmacies. Canadian pharmacies sell Canadian, American, and European drugs and almost all have cheaper generics. The difference in price between a brand-name drug and a generic drug can range from 20% to 80%. As a rule, the doctor prescribes generics at the request of the patient, the pharmacist can also recommend generics. In Canada, the same drugs in different pharmacies may cost differently, some drugs in online pharmacies are much cheaper.

Ordering medicines online is very simple. The price of medicines bought online is significantly lower than in a conventional pharmacy in the United States. You can buy large packages of drugs, it is very profitable. Unlike local pharmacies, in an online pharmacy, the larger the package, the lower the price per tablet or capsule.

Often, in search of the necessary drugs, we are faced with the lack of certain drugs in the pharmacies of our area. It is quite difficult to buy medicines cheaply and quickly in local pharmacies in the USA and Canada. When you feel bad and do not want to leave the house, you can forget about the tedious search. The online pharmacy will become your reliable assistant. For young mothers, the elderly and busy people, it is important to order medicines online with home delivery. This is why buying drugs online is so popular today.

The high level of convenience of online pharmacies allows customers to clarify the list of available drugs, and compare prices. Ordering medicines with home delivery is safe and inexpensive. At any time of the day, as soon as the pharmacy specialists receive the order, they will carefully study all the medicines and dosage and form a small package. The parcel will be delivered at a convenient time for you to your home or another place of your choice. All orders are sent to any country in the world in anonymous packaging.

Online Pharmacy Reviews

Thousands of positive customer reviews of Canadian pharmacies confirm the reliability of buying medicines online. Our clients save hundreds of dollars by ordering medicines from Canada. Buying health and beauty products in Canadian pharmacies will exceed all your expectations, as the Canadian pharmacy service meets the highest standards. Canadian Pharmacy – our customers always get what they want, quickly and at the best price! And you make the right choice for the treatment and preservation of your health!

High-quality products in an online pharmacy with reliable delivery. Save time and money by purchasing your health and wellness medicines from Canadian online pharmacies.
In addition to the standard purchase procedure on the pharmacy website, you can place an order by calling the free call center.

Our professional and friendly pharmacists are waiting for your call. You will definitely get detailed advice on medicines. You can also immediately discuss the issue of delivery of the order. Pharmacies can deliver your order to a place convenient for you – home, clinic, office, hotel.
The online drug purchase system allows you to place an order without calling the operator. The system of organizing goods on the site makes the ordering process very convenient and intuitive. Simply select an item and place it in your shopping cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

Discount pharmacy coupons and free pills

At this point, a nice bonus awaits you in the cart. As a rule, these are small packages of drugs from the group for the treatment of ED. It can be, for example, 4 tablets of Viagra 100 mg or Cialis 20 mg. Many pharmacies offer more when buying medicines from about $150 – a set of several types of free pills. There are three popular drugs in the package: Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. You can also apply the discount coupon directly on the checkout page. Once you have decided on the choice of the main drug and the additional free bonus, you will be transferred to a secure payment center. This page uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol – this guarantees secure data exchange with the electronic payment system. Certified online pharmacies follow strict guidelines to ensure that their customers feel safe.