Buy Clomid without a doctor prescription

Benefits and risks of buying Clomid Online

Clomid which also goes by the name Clomiphene Citrate is a pill that is used to treat female infertility. You can buy Clomid online and you can also buy it from a conventional drug store as long as you have a doctor's prescription.

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This pill works by promoting the growth of eggs in the ovary. It achieves this purpose by stimulating increased production of gonadotropins and other hormones such as Luteinizing hormone and Follicle stimulating hormones all of which initiates the growth of eggs in the ovaries. Clomid will stimulate ovulation and thus increasing the chances for normal conception.

Where can I buy Clomid?

You can either buy it from a conventional drug store or you can buy Clomid online. If you choose to buy it online, you should be careful to ensure that you buy it from genuine drug stores as most of the online stores sell counterfeits while others will only take your money and deliver the products. Let's look at some advantages and risks associated with buying Clomid online.

Advantages of buying Clomid online

  1. Time and energy- Time is a valuable resource and should not be wasted. The time and energy that you would have used to go to a drug store can be used to perform other important duties.
  2. Convenience- When you buy Clomid from an online store; you are saved from the hustles of finding a conventional retail store only to be told that they are out of stock. When you buy online, you will not be told to wait.
  3. Earnings- When you find a good online retail store; you can enroll in their affiliate program. This means that you will be marketing their products and then earning a commission. Therefore on top of benefiting from Clomid, you will also make some income.
  4. Cost- Online stores have low overhead costs and therefore you are likely to buy Clomid at a lower price than you would have if you did so from a conventional retail store. You will therefore end up saving some money.
  5. Privacy- If you want your medical condition to remain private, there is no better way to buy Clomid from an online store. Most of these stores have a privacy policy which ensures that your details will never be shared with a third party.
  6. Easy payment- When paying for the Clomid, online payments makes the process very easy. You don't need to carry your debit cards or cash to the drug store. Most of the online drug stores will allow you to pay with various payments methods such as PayPal, Skrill, debit cards and also credit cards.

Risks of buying Clomid online

If you are unlucky and you end up buying Clomid from a fake company, they might ship counterfeit drugs which you will take. Counterfeit drugs, will either not serve any purpose or they will cause more harm in your body.

The risk of losing money is high. It is very easy for you to be lured in to paying for Clomid which you will never receive because the company from which you bought your drugs does not exist.

You may also find that the drugs that were shipped have reached expiry dates and therefore are not safe for your consumption.

There are many Clomid success stories on the internet from those who have used this product. Clomid success rates are also encouraging. It is estimated that about 50% of all women who take Clomid will have conceived within the first six month from when they started using this product. Up to 80% of women achieve successful ovulation on using Clomid.